What's a solid hosting company located in the British Virgin Islands? (BVI)


As a quick prologue: a client is setting up a corporation in the BVI for tax / legal purposes.

Due to this, I'm currently searching for a hosting company located in BVI to run their website from. I have been searching around a lot, but so far, haven't been able to come up with anything. Does anyone out there know of any hosting companies located in BVI that I could contact?

Please keep the answers related to possible hosting solutions and not the potential problems or horror stories of hosting overseas. Thanks you in advance!

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asked Feb 16 '11 at 05:03
Brent Lachman
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  • Is there a reason the hosting company needs to be in the BVI too? – Mike 13 years ago
  • For privacy / data security reasons, the client wants it to be hosted in BVI if possible. That's the only reason I believe. – Brent Lachman 13 years ago
  • Then tell him to get real. There simply is no infrastructure in place for that. You could ask fior a cheap satellite launch facility there, too - same response: there is none. – Net Tecture 12 years ago

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I'm been through most of BVI, there isn't much there for Internet infrastructure.

Tortola would be the only island that you'd have much hope of finding something on, and I've been there at times when Internet access was out on the entire island.

Your best bet would be to go to the Cable and Wireless office on Tortola and talk to them about possible server colocation.

answered Nov 29 '11 at 01:49
Brian Karas
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I doubt if you will find a web host there. Even if you do. It'll be very expensive.

A way to do this if there was no host would be to start your own. (leased line, server, and support etc).

answered Oct 29 '11 at 12:38
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  • +1. THIs is not about "Overseas" it is about "small remote island that simply does not support the infrastructure needed". A good hosting center needs muleiple physical uplinks which justt can not be set there cost efficiently. Heck, the best you likely get is a high concentrated radio link to costa rico which does not support a good hosting company. – Net Tecture 12 years ago

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