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My friend has been working in the Semi conductor chip testing business as a contractor for some time now. A thought came to me and I asked him if it was possible that we could mimic the way he is doing his contracting and scale it by hiring similar experienced people in India(I have a very close childhood friend in this field who would run this operation in Bangalore India) and offering it to his clients/contacts at a reduced cost. He said that he had been thinking about this idea for some time now and the reason that he did not proceed was he wanted to make sure that his monetary obligations were completed and also he did not know how he could implement the India thing.

He told me that his monetary obligations are completed so he is game for this idea and as I had the contact(This friend knows about my friend in India through me) to have this implemented in India he thought we should go for it as he believes that there is a pretty good market for this and he can himself get multiple contracts from the clients that he knows bcuz they keep asking him about it all the time.

So, that is the good part. Now, comes the thing about laying out the structure for the company. Basically there would be three founders, myself, my friend here in the US and my friend in India. My friend in the US is the main guy in this whole thing, he has the technical know how , he will be training/guiding the technical people in India, he will also be the person getting the actual contracts. I will be taking care of all the administrative work of the company basically acting as a CFO (taking care of costs etc, which is my expertise) , will also be acting as the Project manager to make sure that the projects are completed on time. My friend in India, will help in recruiting the people in India as well as running the office there and be responsible for making sure that people do their job.

My friend here in the US might most probably quit his job once we hire the people in India and get the first contract so that he can focus on training the India folks as well as keep working on getting more contracts. I will still have my day job till we think that it will help the company if I quit my day job as I can still do everything needed from my side till we ramp up more. My friend in India will still be having his day job and manage this on the side till we ramp up and get revenue so that we can pay him a salary. We should not need much investment other than the salaries of couple of people plus the rent etc for the place in India, the investment will be done by me.

So, how do we split up the company? My friend in India would be ok to taking a lesser stake than both of us here. Please, advise.


asked Aug 15 '13 at 23:38
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