How are startup consultants different from business consultants?


In the general sense, I'm wonder how startup consultants might be different from business consultants?


asked May 19 '12 at 04:21
Blunders .
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Some thoughts that immediately come to mind:

Startup Consultants focus on:

  • Founding considerations (incorporation, bylaws, early contracts, founder equity split, intellectual property allocation)
  • Investment considerations (pitching to VCs, ownership allocation after investment)
  • Establishing a development model for products/services after some testing. Not much hierarchy in place, so there's room to discover an optimal way of organizing work.
Business & Management Consultants focus on:

  • Cost-effectiveness and profitability of product/services provided
  • Working with established depts. and improving on existing methods of business organization. Adaptation to existing/legacy systems is involved. Even the wikipedia article you posted says: "...primarily through the analysis of existing organisational problems and development of plans for improvement"
answered May 19 '12 at 07:46
Henry The Hengineer
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