How does a tech/IT Startup get mention / kudos in Top rated Tech Blogs / Press


As a startup, how do we get mention / kudos in the top rated Tech focused Blogs akin those ones listed here Do we have to know someone who knows someone who knows someone (the whole nine)?

The writers are not paying any attention to our requests for mention. We have competitors with far less exciting products who easily got several positive mentions in the top rated It blogs

How does this work? Help


asked Nov 14 '10 at 05:43
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I asked that same question to a panel of journalists from Wired, the San Jose Mercury News and VentureBeat. You can watch their point of view on how to get press at Now, for my opinion.

The #1 reason why you don't get covered is that you are not news. Your story is boring and uninteresting, at least to that particular journalist.

In practice, here's a tip I use: until you can tell me the difference between two writers who work for the same media, don't bother contacting anyone. What do I mean? You will need to build some kind of relationship with a specific writer. Which writer is that? Don't spam "[email protected]", it's worthless.

Make sure you understand what your target writes about. Some blogs focus on fundraising: if you didn't get VC funding or money from a famous angel, it doesn't matter that a startup with the same technology just got covered. Other writers focus on life stories and would never write about raising money.

answered Nov 17 '10 at 03:23
Alain Raynaud
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There are two really great articles about this, they are:

I wrote a blog post on Startup Marketing: Getting Your Startup Noticed and Covered By Blogs which links to these articles and provides some additional advice I found useful while getting blog coverage.
answered Nov 17 '10 at 05:32
Jeff Epstein
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Here's a paragraph from the page above the list:

This is a list of the best startup blogs I know, ranked daily based on traffic, search authority and online buzz. Did I miss a great one? Tweet me: @dharmesh with hashtag #TopOnStartups.

answered Nov 14 '10 at 06:24
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  • He's talking about getting kudos in tech blogs. Not asking for a list of startup blogs. Tweeting to dharmesh will not help, as his business is not likely to be a startup site. – Igorek 13 years ago
  • Yeah, i think he misunderstood what I was asking. I am specifically looking for ways to get press exposure-be it blogs or otherwise. As long as it is a tech/IT oriented medium/outlet, we will take it. We have sent countless press releases to several Blogs out there (Techcrunch, VentureBeat etc....) to no avail.What is the best way to get these guys attention? – Donald 13 years ago


OK, sorry if I misunderstood. You say the writers ignore your request. Most of them write professionally, and not as a hobby. Have you considered commission a writer? I'm not saying they need to write an infomercial for you. Just offer to pay for their time. There are also online sites that offer to blog about your business for money. However, if you 'd like to have others to notice and write about you -- give them a good reason. Apple does not have to pay anyone, but everyone is trying to be the first one to cover any news story coming from them.

If you have a budget, Public Relations firms would be able to help with that too.

Best of luck.

answered Nov 15 '10 at 07:43
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Blasting releases won't get you too far. I've had the same issues, but seem to be making some progress. Try starting small, and working your way up. Usually smaller blogs are more accessible and more willing to write about an "unknown" startup. Try to find something they've written about in the past that applies to your company, and relate your pitch to that article. Think custom-tailored pitching, not blasts.

You can also present some options to the blogger - like partnering on a guest post, offering a discount on your service to their readers, etc. Once you get some traction on smaller blogs, the big boys will come, but it takes time and persistence. Good luck!

answered Nov 17 '10 at 02:44
Andrew Follett
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