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I am working on a service that makes certain aspect of project management accesible for regular stakeholders (i.e. non-techie users).

I though that a motto like "[certain aspect] for mere mortals" or "[certain aspect] for the rest of us" would be a good idea because it clearly states that the common user can use it.

Here is a dilemma - from one side the goal of this service is to make a complicated process accessible for regular users, from the other side I am afraid that such motto can cause a negative reaction because people like to feel intelligent and unique (i.e. not being a "mere mortal").

What do you think? Should I change it to something like "Manage [certain aspect] like a pro!" instead of "[certain aspect] management for the mere mortals"

Edit: in response to Robin's answer I guess it is my fault that I did not elaborate who my target customers are.
I am building a b2b system. There are two types of users involved:

  • Individuals (freelancers, etc.) and small companies. These are my actual customers.
  • Their clients (non-techie regular people)

Both groups are not supposed to be proficient in the process I am about to simplify.
The main challenge of the service is that it should be as simple as possible for the first group and almost friction-less for the second group.

"For mere mortals" motto would be fine for the second group which has almost no knowledge on the process but I am afraid that the first group (my actual customers) will not be positive to it. People who pay me money should be treated as "super-smart individuals" and "brilliant companies" so I tend to agree with Ilya and go for "XYZ made simple" or "Smart way of doing XYZ".

Regarding "for Dummies" series I think it works for people who understand (and accept) the fact that they have no clue on something. In my case, clients already have they ways of solving the issue so it is my job to show them a better way (i.e. make them feel smarter).

After all, I can start with a safer motto and conduct A/B testing to try other variants.

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Thats an interesting brand management and product placement issue ... the question is who is your target market really?

The "for Dummies " series has been a huge success because it created an "inclusive group" out of newbies (and there are a lot) but it does limit out all those who are more professional ... you don't see a "for dummies" book around my office ... at least not a programming one, cooking perhaps.

So, if your target market is specifically non-project users who are happy to put up their hand and say "i have no clue please help" ... then your mere motals is probably good. I would imagine small business and solo people who have a specific skill and need that to help them.

If on the other hand your targeting a more corporate environment, most people don't want to admit their weaknesses (unless they are very confident in their specific strengths) and thus wouldn't want it known they have to have training wheels when it comes to project management. This market I would tend to approach from the "cut out all the crap and just gives you what you need", "pure productivity" approach ... actually thats not bad, I reserve the right to use that one myself :)

answered Aug 29 '11 at 19:14
Robin Vessey
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Your right, really don't like "mere mortals". Don't be afraid to be direct. And try to keep your motto to the three word rule.

How about "Easily manage [certain aspect]"

answered Aug 29 '11 at 14:51
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  • Agree, something like "XYZ Made Simple" should be OK – Aku 13 years ago

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