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I liked this question, and I felt that the answers were valuable, so I thought I'd ask one along the same lines.

Which Twitterers do technology entrepreneurs find most valuable?

I'm following @Wired, @TheCloudNetwork, @TheBPMNetwork, among others. And oh yeah, I recently started following our host, @ASmartBear. :)


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Some of the not so actively self promoting entrepreneurs who are well renowned for what they do.

Here are some guys ( 11 of them)

Jeff Pulver, (@jeffpulver ) VOIP entrepreneur

Loic Le Meur, (@loic ) Founder / CEO Seesmic, Founder Le Web

Dave McClure, (@davemcclure ) Serial entrepreneur now adviser

Craig Newmark, (@craignewmark ) Craig from Craigslist

Jason Fried, (@jasonfried ) 37signals co-founder

David Heinemeier Hansson, -2 (@dhh ) Co-founder 37signals

Paul Stamatiou, (@stammy ) Founder / CEO @ Skribit

Anil Dash, (@anildash ) Co-founder Six Apart

Ross Mayfield, (@ross ) Co-founder / President of SocialText

Joel Spolsky, (@spolsky ) Founder / CEO at Fog Creek Software

Jason Shellen, (@shellen ) Founder / CEO at Plinky

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I like:

Additionally, follow other entrepreneurs. It's great to hear their success and failures.

answered Oct 12 '09 at 10:27
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  • Good point. I do follow other entrepreneurs, although I didn't mention them in my question. Look for @dweekly and @hackerdojo (esp. if you are in the Bay Area); also @sanjivgoyal. – Scott 14 years ago

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