What are the types of businesses allowed to petition foriegn employees


I have a person from Belgium with exceptional skills and work ethics who i want and trust to work for me.

This person can and is willing to help with my company by investing and doing the speciality work all i do is the accounting, managing, supplies and foot work in my company.

What are the regulations required to have this person live in the U.S to keep my business going?

This business is in the field of selling plants,landscaping non-traditionally, and development.

Is this type of business considered a viable one for seeking the skills i need for growth and find in the skills of growing, transplanting, and the creativeness of this person i have not seen or can find in my location?

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asked Oct 6 '11 at 22:57
Darlene Nichols
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You may want to have another go at writing your question but what I think you asking is:

  1. What do you need to do to bring someone in from another country? For people moving to the U.S, they need to get a Green Card through a job. I believe you can help sponsoring and stating you have work for them.
  2. Is the government likely to award a green card to a person who is in horticulural business? I can't really comment on this other than to say, it depends on how you sell it to the government departments. IF you put it in terms of key skills required for growing a US business then they probably will not complain.
answered Oct 7 '11 at 15:45
Robin Vessey
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  • I am aware the horticultural business may not be the most acceptinal to my government.What my business is about is to bring artistic innovative ideas incorporating them in the American stream through actual Art in landscaping form along with specialized production of plant growing techniques. It's a business mixed with new ideas so i doubt there is a precedence for it's term. My need for the person in Belgium is the talent and vision to assist with my own They actually have experience and artistic talents to carry out my vision. As i said before i'm pretty much the ground runner. – Darlene Nichols 12 years ago
  • I forgot to ask: How/where do i petition? I have looked up Gov. links but they only give form numbers leaving me still not knowing which Form i need. – Darlene Nichols 12 years ago
  • @DarleneNichols That is the limit of my usefulness I'm afraid, I live in Australia and its a very different set of confusing forms to get someone a working visa over here. – Robin Vessey 12 years ago
  • Thanks for your reply. I realize every country has it's own red-tape ; i'll just have to keep trying till i get it right lol. – Darlene Nichols 12 years ago

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