Understanding economy as a first step to undestanding businesses


Though i'm actually a computer science phd student, i have always been interested in marketing and businesses. This world fascinates me and i hope i will manage to do something in the field. There was a time when i have been studying marketing a lot. Reading lots of resources, even books (who does not know Seth Godin, even his name feels like a trademark).

Now, i would really like to understand some of the internals of how economies work. I'm not talking about incredible details here, but rather see through how certain things work, like the stock market, the banks etc. It feels quite fundamental to my eyes.

So, i would like to ask for suggestions on online resources or even books that are interesting on the topic.

Please do not direct me to wikipedia and the likes. I would like to read some articles with personality and not plain theory and computations, if that is possible.

And since that is my first question here, allow me to address my greetings to the community :)


asked Apr 21 '11 at 18:36
Spyros P
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Some input:

To understand business at the "micro" level:

Buffettology: The Previously Unexplained Techniques That Have Made Warren Buffett The World's most famous investor.

Any interview of Warren Buffet is good. Even, or especially, the old ones. You can also get all his annual letters to shareholders online for free.

And to have a more "macro" view:
I like books from Jim Rogers, for example "Hot commodities", or "Adventure Capitalist". It will give you an interesting read, not boring at all.

answered Apr 21 '11 at 19:13
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