Is it unprofessional to brand your self using your surname and jr (junior)?


I would like to know your thoughts about my question/problem. I care a lot about online presence and I want to brand myself this period for some auditions and interviews.
My surname in my country is quite usual, so it is hard for me to have a presence on the internet where all my usernames are the same. In my opinion it is the best method to have the same username to every account you use.

I am trying to find the best and professional way to have the same username in all of my accounts (twitter, linkedin, skype, facebook e.t.c.).

I tried to use the first letter of my name with my surname like nsurname but I can't have it on all networks. My full name is big, some networks does not accept it.

The best method I thought is to build my online presence using surname jr It is available on all networks and as a .com domain and I am the junior.

My second thought is to use as a .com domain my full name, 17 letters and have all my networks as surname jr.

What is your opinion about my view?


asked Feb 10 '12 at 04:15
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The issue is not professionalism in my opinion but ease of brand recognition. If your surname is your brand then drop the JR from it to register a domain. Now if the is already registered I would come up with a different domain name and try that.

JR is not part of your surname but actually a qualification that there is another person with the same name.

answered Feb 10 '12 at 04:44
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  • Thank you for your answer. Do you agree that all accounts must be identical ? – Nicholas 12 years ago
  • As far as professionalism goes no. But as far as brand recognition yes since it's easier to remember and find. – Karlson 12 years ago
  • What you may choose if you are in a situation like this one? I mean what you would do ? – Nicholas 12 years ago
  • If I can't have .com or simply for my business I would come up with a different name and use that – Karlson 12 years ago
  • But how should I change my surname. Excuse me but I do not understand... – Nicholas 12 years ago
  • *Jr* is not part of your *surname* so why do you need to change it? You have your *surname*, Company Name, Brand Name which are completely different things and have nothing to do with each other. – Karlson 12 years ago


I think when it comes to branding, consistency is key. I think you can use surnamejr to your advantage if you make a play with it on your site.

answered Feb 11 '12 at 00:05
March Robert Philip Serrano
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  • What do you mean by "make a play with it on your site" – Nicholas 12 years ago
  • I was thinking using the jr in his surname to add personality to his site. Like if his website wasn't that formal, he could make a play on the junior. I know it's a little vague. I just got this idea from a guy who is also a junior and had a website that catered to kids. So he was able to play on his name being someone's junior. – March Robert Philip Serrano 12 years ago


With services such as it's becoming less important to be consistent, because it's easy to find the person and the services linked to them. That said, I do try to keep all of my accounts to my real name, or my handle: "clogish" where possible.

answered Feb 11 '12 at 01:50
Nick Stevens
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  • Do you mean that you should point them to your domain, or service and let them connect with you on your networks through this page instead of saying them find me on and ? – Nicholas 12 years ago
  • Pretty much. That way I only need to remember one URL, and the list can be constantly updated to reflect changes or new information. – Nick Stevens 12 years ago
  • That's true. Is like we are not 15 to say hey find me on facebook at.... I get it. – Nicholas 12 years ago

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