Do you want to buy my simple but powerful "Auto Focus Algorithm" to be added as search function?

Hi, I have copyright of search function that has capability uniquely there is nothing like this before. Nearest technology that uniquely capable to decide how to focus on specific part of document even if we are using more than one keywords.

You don't have to believe my words. But you just need to understand my next description and you may judge for yourself whether the way it works could be categorized as unique feature as previously mentioned.

Or at least, it could help me to convince myself for the uniqueness of my algorithm.


Simply put: if you are looking at help windows or searching full text document with more than one keywords, where those keywords are located at different part of a document, then YOU CAN NOT FOCUS, YOU CAN NOT TRY TO FIND NEXT (you can not jump to the next part of found keywords on a document), unless your found keywords are written at the same line.

Here my copyrighted algorithm is perfection of nearest technology, where it lets us to not only search using more than one keywords on sorted order or random order (as can be provided by most search engine), but it can also focus on a specific part of document, whether those keywords are separated on different part of a document. My algorithm could define which part should be focus that has bunch of keywords. So WE DON'T NEED TO SCROLL UP- DOWN JUST TO FIND THE CORRECT PART OF DOCUMENT, RATHER IT'S AUTOMATICALLY FOCUS ONE STEP TO ANOTHER (find next).

For example, if we were using Help & Support on windows vista, then we type "ethernet network discovery", more than one references will be shown up as result of more than one articles. Once we click on one of article, but we can't locate in which part whether at the first part of article or in the middle or at the end of document (article) or in between them. Sure another search engine could highlight those all found keywords, but still we can't focus on specific part of article (whether at the first part of article or in the middle or at the end of document (article) or in between them. Current solution is by scrolling up down carefully (you can't conduct find next). Consider if we are dealing with more than one articles. Sure there are lot of algorithm to FIND RELEVANT DOCUMENT, but if, at the final task, we still need to scroll up or down? well inefficient.

Scenarios: Consider we can use it on searching, and user commands to find keywords (information), then program is trying to search on user's document's (articles), and found. Then program is trying to show one or more document as the result, and then program opens the document at the first rank of relevancy, AND THEN FOCUS ON FIRST PART OF DOCUMENT to be examined by user. Then, when user doesn't want those part, simply by using "FIND NEXT", then program will carry out crowded formation of found keywords (more than one keywords) to find next location at the same document, and focusing it WITHOUT SCROLLING IT UP OR DOWN.

The problem is, that i have no capability to develop it to optimize search function for PDF, excel, word, HTML, as outsourcing would be expensive.

This forum would be my (almost) last trial to develop it and to let me get a beneficial that could be used for my future creative projects.

In a short: It could be just a simple feature that can be added to previous features of search functions that commonly known (as AND, OR, NEAREST, etc). But this simple feature could maximize the way we LOCATE information tremendously (quickly and easily).

Searching and locating information within document should be fun!

I have a written document to support my license. If you are interested to buy, you may contact me, and after first payment released, i will disclose my algorithm. And (before you buy) i consider you already accept my statement that this function is unique as there is no such a thing like this before.

Thanks in advance.

Auto Focus Searching

asked May 17 '14 at 20:31
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  • Hi Seremonia, BrightJourney is a startup Q&A site for founders helping founders, not a marketplace or a forum for advertisements. You're being downvoted primarily because you've posted a spammy advertisement in the middle of our community. But also because what you've written is long, rambling, full of grammar errors, and uses incorrect terminology ("copyright" is not the kind of legal protection you apply to an algorithm) that makes it sound like you have no idea what you're talking about. Please consider more carefully the right way to participate here. Thanks! – Jay Neely 5 years ago

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