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I'm planning to launch a website which involves collecting/issuing payments from/to customers. My website offers a service for customers in exchange of a small fee which customers pay using credit cards, debit cards, ... etc

Most of my customers would be located in USA. I do have a social security number because I used to study in the US. But, I'm not a resident nor a citizen of USA. I have a Jordanian nationality.

I understand that such website requires handling payments via a payment handling provider such as Paypal and via a bank account. I was wondering about the best option for me to handle payments. In the case of my website, do I need a business and merchant accounts? Is it financially better to have my business and merchant accounts in one of the local banks in Jordan? Or Is it financially better to have my business and merchant accounts in a US bank?


Ecommerce Payments

asked Mar 20 '13 at 08:59
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Firstly, ever since 9/11 it has been tougher to open a US bank account (know your customer laws). Secondly payment gateways (who handle credit card billing and settlement) are licensed to operate in a particular jurisdiction but watch the fees incl foreign currency conversions. The basic rule is to work out the business domicile (what taxes you pay) and put everything convenient to that. I suspect that US dollar transaction accounts in Jordon might not be normal run of mill activity. Some places integrate into high end services like cloud-based Point of sales (like VendHQ ). However, if you want some control (rather than arms-length subsidiary), then pick one within Jordon.

answered May 30 '13 at 18:34
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