Words to describe my product : different or similar to my competitors?

I'm now working on my speech to sell my product, and I'm wondering what words to use to describe it.

My product is a "real estate repository", and that's the words my competitor are using too. But my product is much more advance. Instead of showing results on list, I use a map and offer much more filters and tools. It's much more Web 2.0 oriented, with lot's of ajax. So when I speak to a potentiel client, here are the words I can use to describe my product :

  • Real estate repository : the client knows what I'm talking about, but then he will ask what's the different between me and my competitors. And I feel the "repository" really sounds like "Web Site with lists".
  • Real estate search tool : show the more modern part of my app, but client might don't understand what I mean but that.
  • Real estate Web Application : really what is my product, but probably too technical. And people seems to think more and more than "Application" means "iPhone" (but my product is on the Web).
  • Others?

If you had so sell my product to a client, which words would you use to describe it?


asked Sep 22 '14 at 14:25
Francis L
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I'm not super familiar with the real estate market, so you probably (hopefully) know the answer to this better than the rest of us. If "real estate repository" is truly a much broader known and widely understood term, as you describe, then I'd base my definition of the product around that. (If you're unsure, test it out by asking a bunch of real estate agents (or whoever is in your target market) and see if they have a common understanding of what a real estate repository does.)

But since what you're doing is much more than just the standard real estate repository, I wouldn't stop there. I might do something more like this:

  • "It's a real estate repository on steroids, with X, Y, and Z..."
  • "It's like your typical real estate repository meets [something well-known that has similar capabilities], available on the web."

Since the concept of a real estate repository is well known, I'd use that as the starting point of my description, and then redirect their thought process towards how you've gone beyond that idea.

answered Oct 5 '14 at 20:12
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  • +100 for "real estate repository on steroids"!!! :) – Francis L 7 years ago

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