1-minute video demo for my app. Where to get one made?


How do startups create the demo videos on their homepage? Is there a low cost option for getting one created? Any other tips for demo videos to look out for?

Demo Videos

asked Apr 4 '14 at 23:55
Joann Hardaway
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Expect to pay around $2K to $3K for a 1-2 minute high quality video. You can get low quality ones made on Fiverr, but I don't think that's what you're looking for.

Here is a jumbo list of the top companies that make intro videos for startups:

Animotus, Amsterdam-based (www.animotus.com)
AppVideos (App Explainer Videos and App Marketing Services)
Barq Video (Animated Video Production | Strategic Video Marketing | Explainers)
Blink Tower (Blink Tower)
Breadnbeyond (Bread n Beyond | Branding and Animation)
Brandepix (Animation Production Company | Animation Studio)
Broadcast2world (Video Production Company for Animated Web Videos)
Cartoon Media - Premium Whiteboard Videos (http://www.CartoonMedia.com)
Common Craft (http://www.commoncraft.com)
Corporate Video Sharks (Just another WordPress site)
Cullin Collective (http://thecuillincollective.co.uk)
Daily Planet (Daily Planet Productions ltd.)
DemoNinja (Explainer video, Tour video, App demo video | DemoNinja)
Easy Explain Video (Professional explainer video, explanation video production company)
Epipheo Studios (Epipheo Studios - Share Your Epiphany with the World)
Explainers (http://explainers.in)
Explania (Instructional and Educational Videos, Animated Explanations,)
Explainify (Remarkable Explainer Videos for Businesses)
Explanimate (Explanimate! - Corporate Animation)
Flikli (Screencasts, Educational and Instructional Videos)
Flock of Pixels (Flock of Pixels)
Fueled (Mobile Design & Development in NYC - iphone & Android)
FunnerVids (Fun, Explainer Videos for Business)
Gisteo (Gisteo | Marketing Video Production, Web Videos)
GoAnimate (GoAnimate for Business | GoAnimate for Schools)
Green Iguana (http://greeniguanastudios.com)
Grumo Media (Grumo Media)
Howcast (Howcast | The best how-to videos on the web)
How It Works Media | Animated Explainer Video
Idea Rocket (Explainer Videos and Other Animation Services)
Illuminate This (http://www.illuminatethis.ca)
Illustrate It (Explainer Videos by Illustrate IT!)
In 60 Seconds (in60seconds makes explanimations)
Instruxion (Instruxion - High-Impact Digital Content)
Just Adams Productions (Frontpage Hosting E-Commerce Web Hosting Bluehost)
Kasra Design (Explainer Videos, Animated Videos, TV Commercials)
Kicker Inc (Video Production for Web and Mobile)
Kukuzoo (kukuzoo)
Less Films (Video Production and Animation)
Legwork Studio (Creativity. Innovation. DIY Ethic)
LooseKeys (LooseKeys)
Lonric Studios (The best animated explanatory commercials)
Lumeo (Lumeo Inc.)
Mable Animation (The Animation, Illustration & Motion Graphics Work of Amy Charlick)
Mypromovideos (We Love to Explain your Business)
Motion Crafter (Explainer Videos for Startups)
Motion Story (Explainer's Videos | Animated explanations | Marketing animations)
Panda Motion (http://pandamotion.com)
Paper Krane (PAPER KRANE)
Picture Lab (Picturelab)
Piehole (PIEHOLE.TV)
Planet Nutshell (Planet Nutshell | Web Videos | Explainer Videos | Educational Videos)
Redwoods Media (http://www.redwoodsmedia.com)
Revolution Productions (Web Videos & Animated Explainer Videos Production – Revolution Productions)
RocketWheel (http://www.rocketwheel.com)
Sales Video Shop (SalesVideoShop.com)
Sandwich Video (Sandwich Video)
Say it Visually (Say It Visually!)
Seed Well (Social Video Campaigns and Viral Video Distribution for Brands)
Simple Story Videos (Your Personal Story Tellers)
Simplifilm: http://simplifilm.com/
Sprinkle Lab (We Make Delicious Videos)
Sundstedt Animation (Explainer Videos | 2D Animated Video Production)
Switch Video (Video Animation & Corporate Video Production)
Tadapix (Tadapix Animated Marketing)
The Explainers (How does this work?)
Think Video (THiNK Video - Explainer Videos)
Topic Simple (Topic Simple)
Transvideo (Bay Area video production)
UserFarm - 50,000+ Videomakers in 120 countries get multiple videos, get engaging videos!(Crowdsourcing video production company for creative ads & promos)
Vakuk Films (http://www.vakukfilms.com/video/php)
Veedme - A Video Production Marketplace(Video Production Marketplace | Veed.Me)
Veracity Colab (http://www.veracitycolab.com)
Whiteboard Explainers (http://www.whiteboardexplainers.com)
Vungle (Vungle)
What Now? Exactly! (http://whatnowexactly.com)
Wienot Films (Explanatory videos. Animation. Editing. Production.)
Wooshii (Wooshii | Professional Video Production Company | Online Video Advertising)
WDYSD (Video Igniter)
answered Apr 5 '14 at 04:47
Gonzalo Patterson
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  • Nice list, but kinda hard to navigate - how do you choose a company from a list like this? Also, $2-3K is pricey for an early stage startup and question was about low-cost options. – Webbie 10 years ago


If you can't afford someone from Gonzalo's list, but you have some creativity, try http://www.powtoon.com - which I've used to make a couple of explanimations in the past.

answered Apr 5 '14 at 09:08
Nick Stevens
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This is a great list, but your price estimate ($2K-$3K) assumes a low level of quality. As quality goes up, the list you've compiled gets a lot shorter (and more expensive). If you want smart, talented people from an established studio working on something that's original, truly elevates a brand, and is something people actually want to watch, then expect to pay at least $10K.

Joshua Gunn


answered Jun 11 '15 at 17:00
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wooshii.com is kind of good for that.

answered Apr 5 '14 at 02:15
Ahmed Naguib
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