Accepting recurring payments for a startup in the Netherlands


Our startup SaaS company is situated in the Netherlands. We think accepting both credit cards and PayPal covers most (obviously not all) possible payment methods. What do you think about this?

So far we haven't been able to find a payment processor that matches these criteria:

  • Accepts companies from NL
  • Accepts Paypal as a payment method
  • Handles credit cards
  • Facilitates integration by providing sample payment code/modules

Maybe the criteria are too strict. What do you think? Currently we're looking at Recurly combined with a UK Paypal Website Payments Pro account to handle credit card payments. This, unfortunately, does not allow customers to pay with their PayPal account.


asked Sep 30 '10 at 23:55
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  • Hey APPLE, we're facing the same issues - if you have any updates on your situation, get in touch with me at @rahul on twitter! Right now I'm looking into Iridium as a PSP/IMA and Spreedly for recurring payments processing. – Rahul 13 years ago

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Quplo is a startup in the Netherlands and apparently they had some luck with FastSpring: I'm not sure if FastSpring is going to allow you to accept Paypal payments though, and they don't have recurring payments yet so you'd still need something like Recurly.

answered Oct 1 '10 at 05:35
Alex Aotea Studios
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PayPro Global can be a good fit for your business if you sell digital goods or services online. PayPro accepts PayPal and allows to easily manage subscription-based products .

answered Feb 9 '11 at 20:53
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Did you try out Freshbooks?

answered Oct 1 '10 at 23:15
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As a Dutch startup, I'm facing the exact same challenge now (a year after this initial post). I'm grateful for the great blogposts by the guys at They decided not to go with FastSpring a year ago, mainly because of the lack of subscription support. Since the summer of 2011 they do have subscription support and since October they also support Paypal for subscriptions. For me, FastSpring seems like the ideal partner, mainly because they:

  1. offer subscription management and recurring billing
  2. support 10 major currencies
  3. support all the major international payment methods
  4. don't require you to have a merchant account (a year in with Spreedly, the guys at Handcraft reported to very much hate Ogone: the provider they had to setup a merchant account with)
  5. have no setup fees and very reasonable pricing
  6. offer miscellaneous internationalization options

All in all it looks like a very decent party to do business with. Wish us luck! ;)

answered Dec 12 '11 at 22:03
Pascal Lindelauf
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