Is it okay to use 2 different payment accepting services (systems) on the website that sells SaaS software?


One service will be used for region A because it offers paypal, the second one will be used for region B (it does not have paypal option) but offers automatical generation and sending invoice for customers who will be paying by bank transfer as to bank details indicated in the invoice.

Ecommerce Payments Saas Payment Gateway

asked Apr 8 '13 at 20:20
Alexey Grigoryev
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It's not just okay, it's a welcome addition to your website. This will allow you to sell your services to users who do not have paypal.

I personally use 2checkout for my clients' websites, which allows you to accept paypal payments, as well as Credit Card payments from almost all countries where Paypal is not supported.

answered Apr 8 '13 at 22:05
Samer Bechara
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  • Thank you Samer ! Is it a good idea to use 2checkout for SaaS product ? Is it e-commerce platform or just processing service ? – Alexey Grigoryev 10 years ago
  • It's just a processing service, but you can integrate it with your own application. You need a programmer for that, if you're not one. – Samer Bechara 10 years ago
  • Honestly, I am having headache choosing one. There are many out there - fastspring, cleverbridge, getter cheddar etc. Have no idea which one to apply for. What about authorize net ? – Alexey Grigoryev 10 years ago
  • That's for credit cards processing, but it does not process paypal. – Samer Bechara 10 years ago


It's always good to offer your consumers to choose from multiple payment accepting service, so they can all find what they’re looking for no mater were their located.
For example most consumers in Russia use Qiwi and in Sweden consumers like to use Klarna.
I can offer you to use ZooZ (I work there) that will give you multiple payment accepting service all in one box.
We offer: PayPal,Credit/Debit cards, Dwolla, ELV, Klarna, Qiwi and other e-wallets.

answered Apr 9 '13 at 20:51
Andy Kushner
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  • Thanks Andy ! We are interested in the following payment options - credit/debit cards, paypal for USA customers. And We need to offer bank transfer for Russian customers (generate invoice with bank details and send it to email. QIWI is famous in Russia but not good payment option for SaaS software we are offering. Thanks for letting me know about Klarna. – Alexey Grigoryev 10 years ago

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Ecommerce Payments Saas Payment Gateway