Moneybookers Not Accepting Payments but Accepts Competitors (legal action?)


I currently run a poker startup which sells datamined statistics. I've been trying to accept payments from a merchant called moneybookers as they are very popular in the poker community. They don't accept our business model so say they won't take payments (not do to online poker regulation in the us but to do with some people frowning on datamining online poker).

They do however accept payments from over 5 of our competitors with exactly the same business model and some even link to our site saying they resell! I've been in contact via phone and email on this for over a month and never get anywhere on why they accept them and not us.

Is there any sort of legal or official action I can take against them? Thanks and sorry if this is off topic for startups, I am a startup though.


asked Mar 31 '11 at 04:47
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One group wins legal action -> lawyers, it's virtually never worth it. Ask them if there are any steps you could take to make your model acceptable. Could you improve your privacy policy, would they be happier if you didn't sell certain data to certain people? Try to get them started on a constructive discussion as to which of their terms you are infringing.

If it's gotten to a point where they won't even talk to you, ask if they is anyone in the company you can speak to about a complaint, but don't even threaten legal action, they'll never speak to you again.

answered Mar 31 '11 at 05:01
David Benson
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  • okay, thats pretty much what i figured. thanks – Nextgenneo 13 years ago

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