How to acquire new customers/startups?


I’m given a task to expand our Product Engineering services to US, UK & EMEA markets and identify new customers/startups who would like to build new products/software. We do have proven track record in working on this space and have helped several start ups and large Enterprise Customers in building/customizing products.

We are fully focused Product Engineering and R&D Services Company with more than 12 years in the IT Services industry and relations with 70+ Customers in the ISV and Enterprise space. Our services offer an end to end Software Engineering Solution to our Customers.

Now, I am able to target existing ESV’s & ISV’s, but not sure in identifying the startups/new companies who would like to build new products/customize existing products.

Need your sincere help/advice on this….



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asked Jul 2 '10 at 03:11
Pavan M
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You have existing customers, but they aren't talking about your company? Most people that have done a startup probably have met and know others doing the same thing. What about the people that have been with one of your clients and want to do a new one on their own?

Every week there is a question looking for someone to build a website/application; advertise here and get involved in the startup community.

A new company may already have and existing site, but they may need help in scaling, or adding an iPhone app.

Someone in your company needs to get their name and face out there as an 'evangelist' for software development for startups. Start doing the whole blogging, publishing, and presenting thing.

answered Jul 5 '10 at 21:46
Jeff O
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