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I'm working on the business plan of a daily iPad magazine project which revenues should mostly come from advertising. I've spent some serious time around (but still maybe not enough) trying to gather actual figures about the selling cost of iPad magazine ads but those seem to be pretty elusive.

But let me give you some (imaginary) facts:
- the magazine will have 50,000 daily readers
- each user will see banners within articles - for the sake of giving figures, let's just say 10 banners on average each day (once again, this is pure fiction)
- there will also be full page ads, possibly interactive, but in most case just plain magazine ad (the same kind you find in Wired or GQ for example). Those are especially the ones I can't figure out the price. Let's just say an average reader will see 10 of them as well each day.

Anyone got any idea how much revenue (very roughly) this example will generate on a daily basis? (Considering the users will only access it once per day)


Cost Ads Ipad App

asked Jan 20 '12 at 17:54
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Cost Ads Ipad App