Is advertising on cars effective?


Are there any studies that show the effectiveness (or the opposite) of ads placed on cars (wraps, magnets, stickers)?


asked Apr 10 '12 at 07:49
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  • I know laptop thieves like it. That way they can check which cars probably have laptops or other hardware hidden in the trunk. Sadly happens a lot nowadays.... – Jan V 8 years ago
  • Depending on which country the main effectiveness may be a tax loop hole. And if you have your business advertised on the car you will need to be a polite driver. Big companies that give employees cars with the logo or name send the employees on special driving courses. – James 8 years ago

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I think it would depend on the business. I haven't seen any studies for car wraps or graphics but I have clients who have this done and it helps in many tangible and in-tangible ways.

  • People seem to see their cars everyone around town (branding)
  • People will learn about your business that have never even heard of it before, resulting in new business.
  • I've never seen a professional wrap done on a car that I thought to myself "I'd never use them, that's tacky / unprofessional to have a car wrap." If it was a high paid attorney - then yeah probably.
  • Park them in front of clients, high traffic areas - It's as good as a billboard in some cases and much cheaper.
  • You can write off the cost of the stickers/wraps but not the car ;) as a marketing expense

Main Negatives I see is if you do it for the wrong type of business. But, I think many businesses it will work well for. I tend to find tasteful wraps much better than just stickers - which seem cheap / poor. No one wants to do business with someone who isn't successful. So if you do it, do it right and get it done professionally.

answered Apr 11 '12 at 12:31
Ryan Doom
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