Alternatives to externalize community forum (for support/KB)?


I'm working to launch ASAP my product and need a Forum for support and knowledge-base purposes.

Because of time, money and other constraints cannot implement nor host it on my site (which is Azure based). Therefore I need to externalize it.

What affordable options do I have? can you recommend some providers?

Support Forum

asked Mar 3 '12 at 01:02
Nestor Sanchez A
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Do you want to externalize the development of the website? also the hosting? also the moderation?

If only the website, you could use something like which will give you a site similar as

If you need a hosted one, there is Long list of alternatives:

answered Mar 3 '12 at 01:32
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  • I want to externalize (if possible) the forum (including hosting). I don't want to develop anything, except create the forum content. – Nestor Sanchez A 12 years ago

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