Angel investor group has funded a similar but not identical startup?


So I was thinking of finding a connection to an angel group, but as it turns out one of the funded companies in there portfolio is a similar (but not direct) competitor. The platform / idea is close, but it's a different niche. Should that discourage me from submitting to them and attempting to meet with them?

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asked May 6 '11 at 03:43
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Assuming that the two companies can be considered competitors -- which in the VC mind would not just be application -- but potential applications and potential application of the underlying technology, then:

I would not put it on the top of your list. Unless they have a history of funding multiple companies in the same space I think you might be best focusing elsewhere. You don't have to avoid them -- but focus your time on the most fertile ground.

There is another strategy as well: Who would that angle group see a "competitor"? Maybe you will be able to say:

"Very Important Funders" just funded a
similar start-up last quarter. We
think that our underlying technology
and business model will deliver a
positive return to investors faster.

So where do you find a "competing" funder? This is a purely psychological thing. Ask people in the industry. Look at who funds the competitors to companies in their portfolio. Are many of the principles BC folks? Well, then find a fund whose principals are mostly BU. Perhaps a former principal at the Angel Fund when and started their own gig? Perhaps they are big donors of a specific political persuasion, and their opponents are across the street?
answered May 6 '11 at 05:14
Joseph Barisonzi
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  • +1 for competing funder strategy – Susan Jones 13 years ago
  • Yeah, this your best bet otherwise your exposing your hand to the competitor with deeper pockets and a head start. – Robin Vessey 13 years ago

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