Has anyone had any experience with GoCardless?


Has anyone had any experience using UK startup GoCardless for only payment processing?

Get paid directly from your customers’ bank accounts. No merchant account. No credit card fees. No hassle.
They take 1% of a transaction which seems pretty reasonable but I thought I'd check to see if anyone had used them before I delve any deeper.

Ecommerce UK Merchant Account

asked Feb 11 '12 at 06:20
Space Beers
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Founder of GoCardless here. You can read about some of about our customers here, or see what people are saying about us on twitter.

If you've got any technical questions, pop by our campfire room (gocardless.campfirenow.com/3ae88) and we'll be happy to help.


answered Feb 11 '12 at 22:12
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  • Ah cool. I think I understand it all now but am a bit concerned about customers having to sign up to another service to make payments. I'm concerned it might be a bit of a barrier to actually getting orders... – Space Beers 12 years ago
  • The "sign-up" is very minimal - it's more like a hosted checkout page that allows people to pay using bank details (account number & sort code) rather than credit card - check out http://example.gocardless.com to see a sample checkout process. – Tomblomfield 12 years ago
  • That is pretty minimal. – Space Beers 12 years ago


We use Gocardless. Payment is taken from clients bank account, just like a direct debit so you have to know the amount in advance. Can also be used for regular payment direct debit. Very low costs and hassle factor

answered Aug 7 '12 at 00:32
Paul J Ohnston
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I used this service whilst travelling, they do not tell you that once they have your funds you do not get them until you explain to them what you want the funds for and you have to provide them copies of your passport ect which really they should do at the start as now I have no way to access my money until I can get my passport scanned which is a bit annoying whilst travelling.

answered Mar 6 '13 at 11:17
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