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It has been said that a business must grow or die. Many businesses start because someone knows how to do something and they start a company to do it. While expertise in their field is required to start, expertise in business strategy will be required to keep it going and growing. So what can someone do to move from subject matter expert to business strategist?


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Kenneth Vogt
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That is a great question. I think I would start the same way my professor in grad school told me to start getting ready to write a thesis- by producing an "annotated bibliography". That is, find the best books and articles on business strategy, and then just begin to summarize them. Then I would just keep writing what you learn - a blog would be perfect for this. Fake it until you make it. Keep writing about business strategy and pretty soon you will become a business strategist. You become what you do.

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Rob Gordon
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  • thanks for the suggestion. That is exactly what I am looking for. Where are the suggestions for that "annotated bibliography"? – Kenneth Vogt 13 years ago


I would recommend playing strategy games against human players. One game that I believe has taught me how to strategy during negotiations, is the game of risk. This game has also taught me general strategical thinking, which is relevant for business strategy. Another game is, of course, monopoly.

The reasons why I recommend playing games is that I consider strategical thinking more of a skill than knowledge.

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  • lol+1 for bringing gaming into business strategy :) – Edralph 13 years ago
  • I also know that Bill Gates, who obviously has a decent understanding of strategy, played lots of board games during his youth. – David 13 years ago

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