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I have a software application targeting the education sector. I lack sales knowledge and would like to sell it through distributors. Can anyone recommend any distributors specializing in education and education products?


The (very very) brief description of the product itself: It allows a teacher or professor to create incredibly interactive and dynamically changing lessons. The lessons are then distributed to the students who then go through the lessons and learn.

It has some pretty neat features, and of course it's "secret sauce."


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  • Need more info - what does the software do? – Publicrelate 13 years ago
  • I understand. While I don't know a good distributor for such a product, I'd suggest that maybe you want to represent it yourself. With the help of a contact management database, you can use your money to schedule online demo meetings with key decision makers. Any salesperson who knows what they're doing would approach your sales via web meetings. There are many companies out there who do meetings, or outsource sales to cos such as MediaBrains. A well-spoken, hard-working person such as myself would do a fine job with it. I'm very familiar with flvs if you want to talk shop. – Publicrelate 13 years ago
  • @publicrelate is correct, you could probably do a better job selling the software yourself. Having an online store is not that complex, and even with resellers carrying your product, you would still have to do the same marketing. – Frank 13 years ago
  • So, If I create a website, and try to sell the product through that, will I be approached by potential customers, or will I have to actively go out and seek them. Sorry if this seems trivial. – User5765 13 years ago

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Distributors can be a good strategy to sell product outside of your core market.

To identify the distributor that might work well with you, try to identify which software companies are complementary to your product and pursue their distributors. For example, Alternatively, there may be non-traditional distribution partners worth considering. is the 'facebook' for education and may eventually be a platform for teachers to communicate and change curricula with their students. CMS solutions like blackboard or schoolnet might be others.

If you decide to sell direct, be aware who makes the purchasing decision - teachers, schools or districts.

answered Feb 19 '11 at 04:43
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