What is the Best Landing Page Service? (Performable vs. HubSpot vs. Unbounce vs. ??)


I'm curious as to what the everyone thinks the "best" landing page services are for a cash-strapped startup.

I'd like your thoughts if you've extensively used (not just poked around with a free trial):

  • HubSpot
  • Performable
  • Unbounce
  • Some other I haven't listed
Here's my criteria for what I think makes a "best" product (in this order)
  1. Affordable - Is it startup friendly? (less than $50/month)
  2. Customer service - Is the product easy to use, are there videos and how to articles, and can I actually reach a real person when I have a question.
  3. Features - Does it do what you want it to do?

I know most of these services have free accounts and I will be testing them myself soon when I get some time.

I'm posting this question because I'm especially curious as to what other people think who may have used more than one landing page service or a particular service for an extended period of time. Thanks in advance!


asked Feb 15 '11 at 03:39
Andy Cook
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  • Hubspot acquired Performable. Their products are now combined into one suite. – Mtrifiro 11 years ago

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I'm the CEO of Performable. Thanks for including us on your list of services you'd like to know more about.

We do have landing pages in our product but that is just one of the many things you can do with our software. We excel at making it easier to measure, act & optimize your marketing with a specific focus on the customer lifecycle.

We do offer a startup plan for self-service customers like yourself. If you're interested in that shoot me a note but first try it out yourself.


answered Feb 15 '11 at 05:26
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  • Thanks for the response, David! I'm going to look into options more in the next couple months and I'll be sure to check Performable out. I've heard you speak before at StartupBootcamp and really liked what you had to say, so I'm sure Performable is a well built service. Hope everything's going well – Andy Cook 13 years ago


I'm not a co-founder of any of those companies:)

I'm a big believer in the same thing, Andy. Get the stuff off your plate that shouldn't command all your time and move on to the pressing issues.

Unbounce is my tool of choice. I'm probably one of the most experienced users of their platform you'll find, having been in their private beta and sent feedback to them extensively. I've used it repeatedly for about six to nine months. This WEEK I've used it every day. Ironically it is a tool that's not necessarily built for web startups, but their focus on marketers' needs for landing pages serves us entrepreneurs really well.

The answers to your three questions are all Yes. The team is incredibly responsive and transparent about their product plan, and they're hyper-aware that increasingly their user base includes web startups, especially earlier stage companies with landing page needs.

We couch a handful of sales pages in our site using iframes, and the a/b and conversion metrics are wonderful, especially because it's all simple. Mock up your page, drag/drop everything, publish, ready to rock. You can set up a mini-site or augment your own site by just dropping in pages you want to measure conversions/sales on.

I'm happy to answer any specific questions you've got...hit me up on Twitter.

answered Feb 16 '11 at 05:55
Derek Shanahan
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  • Thanks for the answer, Derek! I'm going to be trying out LaunchRock, HubSpot, Performable, and Unbounce and compare them in a blog post soon. It'd be great if you could answer my Unbounce questions when I run into them. – Andy Cook 13 years ago
  • Andy - would be awesome if you considered writing the comparison on our Beta (www.mokabla.com)... thats what I was created it for. You can link it back to your blog of course. Thx for the answer to my question as well! – Shaymus 13 years ago


Maybe if you or one of your friends/colleagues know a bit about HTML and CSS, you could use Wordpress (drupal, joomla) + Google Analytics, both are FREE! ...and you can get almost any information (how to videos, guides, etc) ou may need on the internet!

answered Feb 15 '11 at 18:48
Roland Pokornyik
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  • Hi Roland - Thanks for the reply. I do know a lot about Wordpress and Google Analytics and could piece something together myself. I' a big believer in focusing on your core though and outsourcing the rest, so I think I'd rather just find an affordable program. Great idea though for someone who doesn't have any funds to play around with! – Andy Cook 13 years ago


I am currently using Unbounce to create landing pages and I am very happy with it. I only needed to create a couple of landing pages, nothing else, Unbounce is a great and affordable service if landing pages is what you are trying to build.

I have to say also that the integration with mailchimp is very sweet!

answered Mar 1 '11 at 13:50
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