Is there a good service for managing simple email lists


I have a select set of customers that I would to provide info to on a regular basis via email. I could just create a email alias in outlook but then I would have to manage any subscriptions or un-subscriptions that people wanted to make.

I'd like to find a service that will handle this well. I have used google and yahoo groups for personal stuff but they munge the emails so much they no longer look professional and I don't want to use them for work related stuff.

I would also like to be able to add people without them having to go and create an account somewhere. I've also tried to see if some form of social network would be acceptable but this group would really prefer to just get emails rather than having to check a different system.

Are there any services out there that are relatively inexpensive that would work?

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asked Nov 25 '09 at 08:14
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If you google for "email marketing", you'll find a lot of options. MailChimp looks good, and it's free for small lists. ConstantContact is very popular.

answered Nov 25 '09 at 08:23
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  • MailChimp looks like what I'm looking for. Thanks! – Dane 14 years ago
  • +1 and MailChimp has an awesome API. You probably won't need it, but just in case it's nice to know it exists. – Jason 14 years ago


I had a client rave to me about Bronto for their e-mail marketing / newsletter publication.

answered Nov 25 '09 at 08:47
Oleg Barshay
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  • This looks very powerful but costs more than I was planning to spend for my very simple needs. – Dane 14 years ago

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