Best tools for CRO (conversion rate optimization)?


What are the tools that you love using for CRO? I'm just getting started in it. Tools could be for landing pages, split testing, newsletter popups, etc.

Tools Conversion Cro

asked Apr 10 '14 at 23:44
Thomas Ward
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There are a few types of tools to consider for conversion optimization.

1. Analytics - these will help identifying optimization opportunities. Tools like Google Analytics, Mixpanel, and CrazyEgg

2. AB Testing - these are for execution of your experiments. Google Website Optimizer, Optimizely, and others can help with website AB tests, but you might want to AB test your emails (newsletters and transactional).

3. Engagement - these can help you assist your prospects in the purchase funnel, present users with a special offer, message users with tips, etc. I like WebEngage suite of tools, but have seen a lot of sites use Olark.

4. On-boarding - these are meant to assist users in becoming customers to improve retention and lower churn. Lifecycle email tools like Drip and GetVero help setup action-triggered emails.

The main challenge for conversion optimization activities is 1) having sufficient numbers to achieve statistical significance 2) positive ROI to justify efforts. This is especially true for properly implemented AB testing, so I would advise startups to leave it for last unless your volume of traffic and business justifies the efforts.

For startups pre product/market I would advise to use analytics tools and make simple/obvious changes first - value proposition statement, call to action links/buttons, pricing and offers. Just make sure to use comparable conditions - say 2 week time cycle - and be mindful of external factors (referring traffic, seasonality of business, etc). Engagement widgets seem to be the easiest to setup and can be used for testing offers and/or to collect data on abandonment, any confusion, or customer emails for follow up.

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Here are some I can't live without:

HelloBar (alert bar)

ExitMonitor (convert exit traffic)

Lander (landing pages creator)

Unbounce (A/B split testing)

CrazyEgg (heat maps)

Olark (chat with your visitors)

answered Apr 12 '14 at 19:12
Chrissie Gray
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