Best way to use a $200 marketing budget?


I have a very limited budget for marketing. How would you suggest using it to drive the most traffic to a social media app? The traffic would have to be targeted as well.

It's a Saas social media app similar to Buffer and the target audience is:

  1. People who manage multiple social accounts
  2. People who want to pre-schedule their social content and forget about it for a while (auto posting).

It's a new app so there isn't an existing list of people I can contact to get going.

Marketing Traffic Budget

asked Apr 12 '14 at 02:10
Wilber Villacorta
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  • Is that for a month, year, or total until you make more $? – Webbie 10 years ago
  • Is it a web app or mobile app? Who is your target customer - individuals or businesses? If individuals, what is the target age, profession, interests, etc.? The type of customers you need will determine the best approach. Also, do you have a mailing list of any kind? Please update question with more info and answers will follow :-) – Webbie 10 years ago
  • Thanks for your answer below Webbie. I just updated the question. – Wilber Villacorta 10 years ago

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Marketing strategy depends on the target audience and will vary for B2B vs B2C dramatically. The critical factor is the skills of the marketer, e.g. can you write a blog post, crop images, create basic graphics, etc. If you have some skills and have time, you can work around budget limitations.

Your goals are an important factor to consider as well - quick traffic for validation, long-term traffic that converts to users, long-term sales - these will call for different tactics.

I am not sure if traffic is your real goal (unusual) Vs. sales, so will assume the app is free.

It's unclear who your target audience is from the question, but lets assume 2 options:

1. App is for small businesses to help with managing social media brand presence

This is a very crowded market, so your strategy will depend on any unique features you app has that others don't, the size and type of the business that makes an ideal customer. Your best bet would be to try and get featured (perhaps in a list of tools) in blogs about social media. If you need some quick traffic to start learning about how your MVP gets used, you can create campaigns on AdWords targeting the phrases that describe key/unique features.

2. App is for consumers to manager their online identity.

Your best audience for traffic and engagement would be teenagers and young adults. I would try out Facebook ads to promote the app. If you don't mind international audience, targeting your ad to countries (you can choose English language) other than US will reduce your cost per engagement/click.

Can't be more specific without knowing more about your goals and audience.

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For a budget this size, bet it all on inbound marketing. Create great content and reach the right influencers with that content. This infographic explains it all.

Here are some resources to get started:

answered Apr 12 '14 at 19:03
Nishank Khanna
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