What are the best ways of advertising a new green-technology product to angel investors


My company recently completed development of a new highly innovative commercial green-technology product. The product has two versions - for commercial and residential use. I need help of an interested angel investor to commercialize this product. What are the best ways of advertising a new green-technology product to angel investors?
[clarification: I am not interested in working with VCs]
Thank you.

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asked Jun 3 '11 at 07:34
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There really is no effective way that I've ever seen to "advertise" something like this.

You will attract attention by launching, building a customer base, and pitching your company to tech journal outlets like techcrunch, or publications targeted to your industry.

There is, to my knowledge, no "Angel Investor Daily" that you can get your message into to distribute it to your target investment audience.

Like most similar stories, the value is going to come from the execution and not the idea. When you say you need help "commercializing" it, is this something that you have 100% completed and ready to ship, or are you saying that you need help with the final aspects of making your idea truly market ready?

answered Sep 3 '11 at 04:14
Brian Karas
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Venture capitalists invest with the sole intention of making their investment and some back from your product. So what would a potential investor want to see? Proof that your product works. Have you run trials, had your target market test your product and give you feedback on it?

If you haven't done the starting work, a VC has no reason (unless it's an awesome idea) to believe your product will be successful and a definite return on their investment.

answered Jun 3 '11 at 14:12
Digital Sea
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  • Thank you for your desire to answer my question. However, your answer is irrelevant because I clearly indicated that I am not interested in working with VCs. In my questions I was specifically asking about angel investors. Thanks. – Dom 13 years ago
  • It applies to Angel Investors as well. Without proof the startup works and people will use it, nobody will invest anything. – Digital Sea 13 years ago

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