How 'bout a combined StackExchange/Wikipedia hybrid solution?


Our start-up site will use a listing of product/service categories. I want our site's community of members to decide what categories/subcategories get added, as well as, other aspects about each item. It's a wiki approach where individual small pieces of content come together to create a larger output, almost like wikipedia, except I want people with the highest reputation to be the ones that control the ultimate output.

So, I invision a solution that is kind of a combination of StackExcahnge's reputation-based governance and Wikipedia's approach to numerous members contributing different pieces of a larger product.

I have to imagine that this is already out there - built and ready to use.

What solutions are out there that I can use instead of building from scratch?

Who is already doing something like this (even if it's for something other than product categories)?

C. Scott

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asked Mar 7 '11 at 01:54
C. Scott
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  • Quora comes amazingly close to that. And i think that is also the direction they are selling – Teekay 13 years ago

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You could easily do this with MediaWiki or Drupal using just contributed modules

answered May 6 '11 at 17:11
Matthew Hui
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  • It would be a great help if you wouldn't mind telling me a bit more. Are you open to a phone call or off-list e-mail? The following e-mail address will be active (for up to seven days) to receive your off-line response: [email protected]. C. Scott – C. Scott 13 years ago


If i understand you idea correctly you want wiki with votes for wiki pages. AFAIK nobody doing it but you can implement it and this is fairly good idea.

answered Mar 7 '11 at 05:41
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