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We develop a bunch of software applications. Instead of shipping the software we want to build an appliance, using generic hardware components (and Linux) and sell the appliance in the USA and India.

Any ideas on where to start researching about the appliance?. Things like appliance building companies in China. Import restrictions/duties ( into USA and India). Local licenses/compliance etc., Appreciate insight from starts up that already went through the process. Thanks.

Development Outsourcing Hardware

asked Nov 1 '11 at 18:35
So Mv
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  • Just a PC/Desktop with no monitor.Think of a 1U rack server with no special hardware. Rack servers cost a lot for just being in rack design. An example generic hardware that can be converted to an applicance is here, – So Mv 12 years ago

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What kind of "appliance"? Is it basically just a PC (if so, Dell and Intel are two of the largest OEM hardware providers), or is it like a specialized PC (eg: home theater PC that might have purpose-specific I/O device combinations), in which case there are several large custom-builders ( ), or is it a very specialized custom-hardware (and if it is, does it really NEED to be?).

answered Nov 1 '11 at 21:17
Brian Karas
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