Building a career whilst bootstrapping

Long story short, I am bootstrapping a start up venture and I am funding it through full time employment. We are close to launch, and we want to avoid going to VC in order to retain 100% equity. I also would like to continue building my career for valuable experience in case my venture does not work. I am currently contracting and about to be unemployed, so job hunting.

The one thing that I want to avoid, is starting off on bad terms with my new boss if he finds out I am doing a start up venture without his permission raising 'commitment issues'. When the reality is a) I do not know if my venture will work and b) I will be committed to my employer during the day.

So the question is, when is the best stage to disclose the venture to my perspective employer - doing this at the interview has always lead to me NOT getting the job. I could not disclose it, the trouble is that I might breach employment contracts where many do not allow staff to work in other businesses without permission. Going in stealth mode is difficult since it is press worthy.

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asked Oct 3 '15 at 01:01
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Rule #1 - Don't work for a company that tries to limit your free time. Fuck them.

Rule #2 - When needing a job, play the game to get the job, then come on board and do a good job. They are looking for an employee and you need a paycheck so do what you need to do.

Rule #3 - At the same time, when it's time to jump, it's time to jump ship. Give the appropriate notice, and do your darndest to make the transition smooth.

At the end of the day - Fuck them. If a company implodes and you lose your job because of it, there's no restitution without drawn out, expensive litigation (and even that might not be fruitful). Fuck them. You don't a owe a corporation anything other than a good faith effort while on the clock.

[old thread, I'm just posting for any newbies who may stumble upon it.]

answered Jan 19 '17 at 01:20
Chris Davis
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