Is there any business alternative to that of online business?


Nowadays we have free domains, free hosting servers and free tools to make a website. Just copy some content (Not copyrighted) and paste it in your website. Add some ads given by Google Adsense/Adbrite or other ad brokering agencies. Well, host that page. Upon every single click we can earn a dollar from adsense. This is a cool job. No need to spend much time, no need to go out of home, no need to work more. Is there any other of this kind of jobs that can earn with

  1. Zero investment.
  2. With out much knowledge.
  3. Not going out of home.

Online advertising is the only business with which Google reached this position. So? what all businesses can be started without any investment and that can earn quick returns too.

Website Online

asked Sep 17 '11 at 07:56
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There is no business that you can start without some sort of investment. Whether that's money, even a few dollars, or time. You have to put in something.

I also disagree with you on the premise of you question. You can't just paste content online, earn a dollar per clicked ad and sit back enjoying margaritas on the beach.

Why? Lots of reasons.

First, people need to find your site. Driving traffic requires money or effort. You have to either do CPC or other advertising, or you have to create compelling content and contribute to other sites via comments or blog contributions. Alternatively, you can drive traffic from the real world by doing something that makes people give a shit.

Second, the click-through rate for a great ad on your site is less than 1%, and is continually going down. You'll likely earn pennies, not dollars via AdSense.

Lastly, most free services on the web, especially hosting, are ad supported. Ever tried the free hosting on GoDaddy? Ya, there's a giant banner at the top covering up your content. Implementing a non-legitimate workaround, by covering the add up with content, would be an investment in and of itself.

I hate to say this, but man, there's no easy way to make money or build a business that matters. You have to work. I regularly work 60+ hours per week, if not more, and definitely don't get paid for most of it. It's the sacrifice you have to make in order to make something bigger than yourself.

In conclusion, there is no zero-investment, minimal-knowledge required, from home, quick return business. Even drug dealing requires knowledge, skills, investment, and chutzpah.

answered Sep 17 '11 at 08:18
Ryan Chatterton
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  • Try free hosting at and they are ad free and provides best free hosting service. – Gimp 12 years ago
  • Interesting. I'll have to check those out to recommend them to my students. But I pay for hosting due to traffic and speed needs for my organization's website. Even at the speed I have, I wish it were faster, and will upgrade soon. – Ryan Chatterton 12 years ago
  • I just had to comment on this: "even drug dealing ." Even? Have you been in a business where you will be shot at, there are multiple armed forces trying to keep you from delivering your product, your supply chain is under constant attack, your customer base has significant (usually) addiction issues, you can't take credit cards, can't just launch PPC advertising, and the available talent to staff your operation is usually in some form of crises as well. I am not sure that I would use "drug dealing' and the "even that needs knowledge. I bet it is easier to run a Subway Sandwich Shop. – Joseph Barisonzi 12 years ago
  • Ha ha! I bet you're right, Joseph. – Ryan Chatterton 12 years ago
  • Drug dealing apparently doesn't pay well, either. See 12 years ago
  • Ha ha. Okay I get it, drug dealing is hard. However, it is considered widely to be easy and incredibly lucrative with a quick turnaround. I'm not really saying that's accurate, but have you ever heard somebody say, "Man, I should just deal drugs, then I'd be rich!" in a joking manner? Perfect example. But obviously the reality is that it's not easy. In fact, it probably sucks to be a good drug dealer. So, guys, in my opinion the example stands for the point I was going for. – Ryan Chatterton 12 years ago


There are lots of alternatives to online businesses. The overwhelming majority of business are not online. Many of these companies provide quality work, employment and furfillment for their owners and employees.

Despite your belief that it is easy to set up an advertising company with lifted content on a free server will generate you money -- this will not be a business. You may get some small checks, but that is not a scalable business model. Eventually you will need to produce content, advertise your site, host on servers that can support the traffic needed for the click conversion needed for revenue goals. Eventually you will need to get dressed, leave your bedroom and meet with other people.

A business produces and delivers something of value to someone who can pay to receive it. There is needed "production" and "delivery" knowledge about the something. There is knowledge about how to get the "someone' to know of the availability of "something." If it does have value someone will pay for -- that means there are other people who are also producing the something for the someone. And it takes knowledge. Obtaining and sustaining knowledge takes resources. The platform for delivery of the something valuable takes resources. Etc. . . .

The quickest and most effective business you could have with the above proposition is to get in a time machine, go back about 10 years, and sell a website promoting the snake oil (ingredients host a free site, slap up content, sign up with Google, and sit back to drink margarettas). Be sure to quick cash out before the turf of people buy that dries up. If you are setting your timer I would set it at about 7 years ago.

answered Sep 18 '11 at 05:49
Joseph Barisonzi
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