Business model for a service


We are about to launch a new service that you embed in a website or Facebook.
We consider using the following to get various source of income.

1 - Ad's for free (package one)

2 - Remove ad's for 1 dollar

3 - Subscription with 3 packages based on number of users.

4 - Mass number of users (by email)


1 - first what do you think?

2 - second, do you have any idea what DISQUS business model.
I could not find the way they make money.
But i know they have millions of users.

Business Model

asked May 27 '11 at 19:52
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  • welcome! We are going to need more details before you can get any meaningful answers. Who is your target market? Also, I don't understand points 3 or 4. – Kenneth Vogt 12 years ago
  • OK, the market is website owners & blogs as for items 3 - there will be 4 plans, 1 is free and 3 others are money oriented plans. item 4 - for big customers with many websites we will have special deals. – Lindy 12 years ago

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To address question #1 and your numbered bullets:

  1. The only apps that make interesting amounts of money on ad revenue have millions of hits per month. You will need mass adoption to make this work.
  2. Payment processing will take a large chunk of your dollar. Again, huge activity will be required to make this viable.
  3. This is where most profitable apps make their living.
  4. There is not enough information to comment on the viability of this option.

Regarding question #2, their focus seems to be to create mass adoption, then sell into big companies with paid services for analytics.

answered May 28 '11 at 17:38
Kenneth Vogt
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