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On many business websites, the "about us" tab has some photos of senior staff together with short biographies.

This question is about those photos. What makes a good founder mugshot? What does attire / setting / expression say about the depicted individual and the company itself? Or is it better not to have photos at all?

I'm also interested in good, bad and humorous examples.

Founder Website Photography

asked Jun 4 '11 at 06:40
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It depends on the public for your business and the culture of your company. We had standard professional mug shots at one point and are just going back through and updating them all to show the real us:

Having visuals, whether photos of people or something else representing the company is important.

Good example: Bad example: Humoruous/Good example: When looking at those you will be able to see clearly some things that make a difference between good and bad.

p.s. It really boils down to your brand. Don't try to be humorous if your brand isn't.

answered Jun 4 '11 at 23:59
Rafferty Pendery
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Founder Website Photography