Why are most call to actions on websites to the pricing page?


I am just wondering why most standard web 2.0 websites have the main call to action button on the homepage send the visitor to the pricing page? This is assuming a pretty typical navigation structure for the site that includes a tour page. Even though ultimately you want the visitor to hit the pricing page and sign up, I would have thought the conversion rate would be higher if they went via the tour page first.

Why do people not have the tour page as the main call to action, with the tour page then trying to funnel them to the pricing page?

A good example is 37signals and http://www.basecamphq.com Is this just a case of everyone following without questioning, or is there some solid logic/evidence behind it?

I realise that A/B testing will ultimately be the best way to know what works for your own site, but this is such a prolific trend that I am curious if it is evidence based.

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asked Sep 24 '11 at 14:45
Joel Friedlaender
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  • What is your question? – Gimp 13 years ago
  • The question is... has anyone done research on this and have evidence that sending people to your pricing page rather than via the tour page is more successful? – Joel Friedlaender 13 years ago
  • It probably depends on the service. I am pretty familiar with Email so a site called Pop3EmailInYourBrowser.com probably doesn't require a tour. On the other hand a service claiming to "Add a loyalty program to your blog, brand or business. Instantly." probably needs a tour. So I would expect those two call to action destinations to be different. – Mike Nereson 12 years ago

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When you refer to a "pricing page," what you're really talking about are landing pages. They are designed to convert visitors to customers - the ultimate objective of the site. Sending them to a "tour" page in between places obstacles in your conversion path that lower the chances that someone will convert.

It depends upon the product, of course. In the case of Base Camp, there's no tour because they're offering a free trial where users can get an inside look. And so the landing page concentrates on removing doubt with testimonials and assuring visitors how quick and easy it is. The idea is that the best way to convince folks to become customers is to get them to try it.

answered Sep 24 '11 at 21:41
Jon Di Pietro
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  • Basecamp does have a tour page though, but they are sending people to the pricing page. I would have thought that the conversion rate of people on the pricing page might be higher had they gone through the tour page first and been more sold on the product. Will people really not want to see what the product does before signing up? – Joel Friedlaender 13 years ago
  • In a word, no. This is project management software, so we all have an idea of the basic features it must have. Look at the quotes they're using and you'll get a clear picture of what they are doing: "Projects Manage Themselves with Basecamp" (solution) "Basecamp is the top choice for entrepreneurs, freelancers, small businesses, and groups inside big organizations" (credibility) "Sign up in 60 seconds. No credit card required. Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel anytime." (risk free) "Basecamp is trusted by the world’s most respected brands" (credibility) – Jon Di Pietro 13 years ago

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