I'm considering moving out of state -- what costs will I incurr if I take my LLC with me?


I have a LLC registered in NJ, and am thinking of moving out of state. What costs will I incur transferring the LLC to another state (if that is possible)? Will I have to dissolve the LLC in NJ and then re-register it in my new state?

LLC Registration

asked Sep 23 '11 at 04:55
William C
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I wouldn't worry about dissolving the old LLC. You may as well keep it, especially if you plan on doing business in that state ever again. However, if you're not going to continue business there ever again, then you can just let it expire. That's how it works in my state, so you may want to double check with your Dep of Corporations etc.

In the new state, you'll need to re-register all over again. It will be as if your LLC never existed, because technically and realistically, it never did in the new state. Expect to pay for the registration fee and the name reservation. Other than that, you can keep the same Articles of Incorporation, with the alterations made for the new state.

Here, such a thing would cost about $100. Fees vary from state to state, so yours may be higher.

Thanks for the question!

answered Sep 23 '11 at 05:53
Ryan Chatterton
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  • I'm not sure about an LLC, but a corporation can be registered in any state and move to any other state. There may be some business fees, but a new corporation does not have to be created in the new state. – Xpda 12 years ago

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