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I've been running a crowd sourced quiz site for a while: While I'm getting plenty of quizzes taken through google search traffic, my conversion rate to entering a question is pretty bad.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can improve this.

Crowdsourcing Conversion

asked Aug 4 '11 at 16:32
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I think your navigation, layout and terminology is confusing users. I think you need to make the following improvements:

  • make the front page and main navigation focused around the three main reasons visitors are there (Start a quiz, add questions, see leaderboards), I suspect the general user doesnt care about your twitter link, searching for questions, about, help (move those all to a sub navigation somewhere else). The front page could be split in two, one side to answer and the other side to add questions
  • remove the add questions interface from the answer screens as again it is confusing (see aside below)
  • I think the term "mashed" is a bit confusing when you mean "created"
Aside: I just tried your link above and then picked the first
topic which took me to:

As a non logged in user I have the following issues:

- you are randomsing the answer display but the answers people

have written include "none of the above" which wont always appear as
the last answer
- I have a "well done" section on the right when I haven't
answered a question?
- if I scroll down I get a message "You have answered every
question we have on Science.", I haven't answered any?
- if I continue to scroll down I can now add a question, but I am
in the middle of answering a quiz, that doesn't make sense to me
answered Aug 12 '11 at 20:16
Lloyd S
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  • Hey Lloyd. There was an IE javascript bug that was causing the question page to render incorrectly (i.e. showing the question input form too early). Can you take another look at it. It should be fixed now. – Ricick 13 years ago
  • I like you suggestion about removing mashed. It was meant to be a more "fun" term but I agree that it's just confusing. As to the home page those are good suggestions, however most of my traffic lands directly into a quiz so fixing the homepage is strangely not a huge priority. – Ricick 13 years ago

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