Creating a one-page online review intake form


Is this something we could do ourselves quickly, perhaps with an off the shelf solution? We have no programming experience. Otherwise what language would we need to learn to do it? This does not need to be beautiful, just needs to function and be able to integrate with our current sparsely populated review database.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, including if there is some other forum where we should ask the same question.


User Interface Web Dev Review

asked Nov 15 '11 at 00:03
D Moore
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I am not 100% sure of the question but will guess it is one of two things:

  • you want to create a simple form that captures reviews - if so use something like that will handle the form capture and send you the results via email or downloadable file that you can import into your database.
  • you want a form that captures your data that looks like the rest of your website and then stores it alongside the data in your existing site - if so this needs more information on the languages your site supports (e.g. PHP/ASP/Rails etc) and the database (e.g. Access/MYSql/SQL Server etc) to be able to guide you to a solution.
answered Nov 15 '11 at 00:43
Lloyd S
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