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Where can I purchase a professional looking, Web 2.0 styled template for a subscription service website. I'd need the PSD, the HTML, images and the styles.

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asked Dec 6 '10 at 03:32
Nick H
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1 under the HTML templates category. Also CSShub is a good resource. You will want to select a template that fits your vision and can accommodate your app's structure. Probably want to personalize it a bit too, making minor changes.

In the past i have blended a few themeforest templates together, taking footer from one, layout from another. It gives you a quick head-start.

Best of luck.

answered Dec 6 '10 at 03:43
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  • There are only 2 of them on themeforest for SaaS. Are there any other websites I can look at for good professional templates? – Nick H 13 years ago
  • Maybe only two of them have the keyword SAAS, but I assure you you can use any HTML template for the UI of your SAAS (software as a service). Here is a link.. You can sort them by date or popularity. – Frank 13 years ago
  • @nick, why dont you tell me what type of business you are running and I will have my designer find you a template as a starting point. – Frank 13 years ago
  • y - I am looking for an online subscription service related web template. The SaaS template fits this perfectly but there are very few of them to pick from at themeforest. – Nick H 13 years ago
  • @nick you can use almost any web template for a subscription service. Its likely you will have some back end that produces a result. You can use the admin templates as a guide. If you need something fully custom then perhaps its time to hire a good UI designer . – Frank 13 years ago


I've been looking for a SaaS styled template for my WordPress website, and unfortunately I haven't found a lot of choices.

As Franky mentioned, Theme Forest has a few. Here's a direct link to the Theme Forest SaaS templates. It looks like there are about 6 templates that fit your criteria - probably less when you look at them in detail.

I also found this question on the WordPress StackExchange site that lists the best sites for WordPress themes. It's worth a look even if you're not looking for WP themes, because not all the sites listed are WP specific (Theme Forest for example).

If you happen to find good SaaS templates, please come back and let us know.

answered Dec 6 '10 at 08:05
Zuly Gonzalez
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  • I think we need to define what SAAS is? Just because a template is not titled SAAS, doesnt mean it could not be used for a service. The templates on the site can be modified, the admin templates are great for back end ui stuff, and you can find pricing tables and more if you need them on sister sites they run such as and My point is, there is no 100% complete template to get your business up and running. You gotta do some work and modify it to your needs. – Frank 13 years ago
  • @Franky: I agree 100%. I have not been limiting my search to just templates with the SaaS keyword. You can most definitely use a template that isn't SaaS specific - in fact we are so early in our development that we don't even need a pricing table at this time. I was just hoping I could find something that didn't require a whole lot of changes at this point. – Zuly Gonzalez 13 years ago
  • I would strongly suggest doing the design changes. The UI layer of most projects is highly neglected. Its important, its what the user sees and gives them that "WOW" impression that cannot be bought through marketing. Plus, if you are using a purchased template as a "starting-point" you want to make sure to make it as unique as possible to prohibit confusion with others that buy the same template. For us, it takes our UI guys 2weeks to 2 months to customize a template, and its worth the effort. – Frank 13 years ago


If you are open to modify some HTML and PHP code as well as some graphics, you may want to consider free themes such as:

answered Dec 7 '10 at 08:18
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Templates are horrible. The HTML/CSS can be quite bad. I've seen horrible work out of well-known places like TemplateMonster. Those sites don't really vet the work they resell.

Also, depending on your target audience, they may notice it is a template... and "the interwebs" can turn it into a minor PR disaster.

Find and work with local talent. Not only do you get what you need, you'll likely need to do updates/tweaks and you will have started a hopefully good relationship with a good individual or company.

answered Dec 9 '10 at 06:56
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