Difference between strategic investment and venture capital


What are the differences? Or what are the other investment on a company we should watch out?

Venture Capital Strategic Investment

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Strategic investments aim is to develop a technology or a product while venture capital wants to make a healthy investment return.

Most strategic investment is done by big companies that can't seem to innovate on their own. They need new products and they best way for them to get them is to invest in start ups. Strategic's are in it for the product.

Venture Capital has limited partners that they need to make money for. All they care about is the return. The product or technology is incidental to that. They don't really focus on what's good for the company, in terms of product launch or selling, unless it gets them their return faster.

Now, obviously, there is some overlap since getting a big return does depend on getting products out and making money but the focus is on the exit not on building the best product.

answered Jun 25 '11 at 22:03
Jarie Bolander
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