Difference between unqiue user count in compete and google analytics


I use google analytics to analyze the visitors , no of pages visited and other stats for my web site Skill-guru I have also added my site on compete.com . I was looking at unique visitors count on compete and there was a big difference between number of unique visitors reported by google compared to compete.
Do they use different parameters to count the unique users ?

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asked Dec 26 '09 at 15:04
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Google Analytics is much more accurate than Compete.com because GA uses a tracking pixel and Compete does not.

answered Dec 27 '09 at 02:59
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  • Thanks Joe. What you said sounds logical – Skillguru 14 years ago


Compete is just an estimate, and I've seen it be wrong by an order of magnitude. I wouldn't trust it at all if you can help it; if you do look at it, just count the number of digits in the number.

answered Dec 27 '09 at 04:50
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  • Thanks Jason.What is the reason we see the websites measuring traffic using compete especially on techcrunch ? – Skillguru 14 years ago
  • Skillguru - That is because sometimes it is the only way to see other people's numbers, that is the real purpose of compete... to get a rough estimate of the traffic of other people's websites. There are much better ways to track the traffic to your own sites (GA, etc) – James Avery 14 years ago
  • @skillguru, James is right. The answer is "because it's the only number they can get their hands on." Using Compete for relative traffic size is probably better, but I know (from my own websites) that even that can be off by an order of magnitude. – Jason 14 years ago
  • EXAMPLE: Speak of the devil, just saw this on my Twitter feed: http://twitter.com/otherinbox/statuses/7142664228Jason 14 years ago
  • You are right Jason. Compete so inaccurate. The unique user count plugin in my wordpress blog does much better job – Skillguru 14 years ago

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