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Now days its becoming increasingly difficult to get a decent domain name for company and products. Few are up for sale, but with high price tags. Any ideas for coming up with good domain names which can be used for products/company?


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Great question!

I hope this get up-voted as many times as possible. If money is not an object, you are well funded, or have more money than god then finding a domain name is not a problem. The truth is while domain investors have registered: the english dictionary, the english dictionary with combination of words, all short words, and almost every domain name that has expired, you STILL CAN find decent domains available for registration by doing a lot of searching.

Here are some tactics:
1. Create your own words, this may sound stupid, but not so much when you consider terms like Google, Ebay, Groupon, Odesk, etc. You can take a combination of words and turn it into a brand.

  1. Register domains with unusual tlds. .us, .ly, and .sy are all available. (although is not available, trust me i tried to register it and syria said no).
  2. take advantage of internationalized domains for url shorteners. Although internationalized domains dont use the default english characterset, you can use characters that look similar to english lanauge and still register domains with international characters. These are pointless for building brand, but cool if you need a really short domain to support your application, or a clever domain that will be used for a system such as an affiliate program on your site.
  3. Consider leasing a domain, you might be able to lease what is not available for purchase. Or the right investor may give you a lease purchase option where you can lease a domain for 2k per year, then buy it for 50k as an option.
  4. Look at sites such as, although they wont be the 7.99 godaddy registrations, a small investment in the right domain can make a difference.
  5. Share ownership for a domain. Say the domain anme is being used by a dutch company, but you wish to use it in the USA only. You could possibly buy the rights to the domain name in the United states with arrangements of the current registered owner. The drawback is that you would either have to host on the same server, divide up subdomains such as and or even get elaborate and setup a reverse proxy where the domain name would be pointed based on the visitors ip address.

as for my last idea, i have not seen a service offering that allows you to easily do this. Perhaps one of the entrepreneurial geeks on this forum can figure out how to do this with nginx, iis , or apache, and setup a marketplace where investors could lease usage of a domain by country.

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  • Frank, thanks a lot for the great ideas. – Patelsan 13 years ago
  • Thanks P! hope that you find yourself a good domain, curious to get other input from the geniuses on this forum and maybe we can grow the advice. Most of the above has worked for me. – Frank 13 years ago
  • #5 is a cool and unusual business idea! Probably not practical, but there might be an increasing niche market for it. – Torben Gundtofte Bruun 12 years ago


I had a look at this week and was surprised at how many useful domains were available using my keywords. Most of them were around 3K or under.

answered Jan 21 '11 at 19:29
Susan Jones
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  • Thank you, I didn't know about, they have good collection. – Patelsan 13 years ago
  • Absolutely, a very large number of great domain names are "parked", many of them at Sedo. I would definitely check the prices and see if a domain you would like to have can be negotiated for something reasonable. – Tucson 13 years ago


To get a good domain you need to follow the steps given below...

  1. The Domain name should be small
  2. Try to avoid punctuations in between the Domain name..
  3. Try to create domain names that related to your business or products ..
  4. If you cant get the domain name extension with .com means get it with other extension like .org, .edu, .info etc..
answered Aug 6 '13 at 14:43
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This is mythology. I can honestly say that in the last couple of years, finding a great domain name either for new registration or to buy from an existing owner for a modest fee has never been a problem across a wide variety of projects.

There absolutely was a period when the market view was that descriptive domain names could add massive value to a venture. But very, very few of the hero stories of the web age are like this.

People do still pay premium prices for domain names, but that's not the question.

Use a bit of creativity and you'll find something that can work for you, even in .com. Do the math. The number of allowable domain names is vast. The number of English terms is significant, but a tiny fraction. And the number of symbol combinations that can work well (pronounceable, or visually interesting, or...) sits a couple of orders of magnitude up. And most of them are out there waiting for your project.

answered Jan 23 '11 at 19:14
Jeremy Parsons
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