Online service for suggesting single word available domain names?


Any suggestions for a free web service which can suggest available single word, easy to spell correctly, and easy to pronounce domain names. I don't care if the words are made up. I am sure all the known and semi known words are already taken.


asked Feb 6 '10 at 09:32
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Domain Pigeon is pretty good for showing what domains are available. If you sort by popular ones, you're more likely to find easily pronounced. No guarantees on single-word, since most domains don't hyphenate between them, but you can also set limits on character count.

You may also fine Domize helpful. Using its advanced options, you can point it to a text-file list of words, which it will check for availability, or you can even do a search on its own dictionary using regex (regular expressions) to limit the scope.

And, I can't answer any domains question without recommending -- it is invaluable.

answered Feb 6 '10 at 10:19
Jay Neely
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  • +1 for Domize. Great service. – Tbaums 13 years ago


Here's a few to work with:

Have fun!

answered Feb 18 '10 at 07:11
Jim Galley
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I published a list of all the available one word COM domains about a year ago. These were words that were valid from a 100,000 word dictionary. The list is a bit out of date, but may be helpful to you. There is a link to the text file here.

It isn't exactly what you're looking for. But the fact that there are fewer than 1500, means the dictionary has been picked over.

Also, you can join up (for free) at and search the database there for single words. That database contains nearly 50000 available domains, of which 4500 are single words .COM domains. Not all in the dictionary like,,,,, etc.

answered Feb 18 '10 at 17:07
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