How do you effectively market developer products (Licensing tool for .NET)?


I have a .net licensing tool that I have created that is currently being used by many developers and I am at a point to start advertising it for a larger audience.

How do you effectively market a developer framework / licensing tool for .net and effectively reach the main target audience - developers?

I have tried Google adwords, publishing some articles on the website, presenting and distributing brochures on some local events.

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asked Sep 17 '13 at 11:41
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From my own experience (same sitution, marketing .NET library).

Here are some actions you can take :

  • search for well established blogs about .NET or more specific, close to the subject of your tool/library. Contact them and try to obtain some article/review /... about your product. You may offer them a free licence for review
  • think about the final "consumers" of your product (ths not the developers but their clients). And think in "reverse marketing ": what do they do to solve their problem? How do they select the final product (not your library!), how do they select the developers,... In that way, you can discover your target group (developers) in more detailed way.
  • be active on the Q/A forums (e.g. on the Stackoverflow). By answering (even for free) the question you get reputation (the real one, not only the "virtual points") and that is the start of the "inbound marketing " (clients are looking for you, not you for clients). For this, don't forget to put the info about you & your product to the profile. Just avoid the spam!
answered Oct 25 '13 at 18:28
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