Would enterprise level companies need a platform to educate their employees? What tools currently exist?


Are there any available platforms that provide a way for big companies to educate their employees on procedures online? I am thinking of building such a solution and interested to hear thoughts if it's a need that corporations have to begin with.

Enterprise Education Intranet

asked Feb 21 '14 at 11:30
Jasmine Williams
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Yes, almost all enterprise companies have internal training modules, often called eLearnings.

A simple example is at a bank. Bank employees everywhere need to complete a standardized lesson about public, private and confidential information. In this case, an online tool is ideal since it automatically notifies the organizer when the test is complete.

Another example is sales. Companies with huge sales forces (Avon, GMC, Ferrari) are faced with the challenge of keeping thousands of sales staff up to date with new info.

Imagine General Motors releases a new, four-wheel drive truck with loads of new features. An interactive online lesson would be the perfect way to teach over 10,000 sales staff everything they need to know about the vehicle to sell it.

So, yes, this is extremely common. If you can manage projects with demanding enterprise clients, and put together an impressive e-learning and deck, there will be plenty of work to be done.

experience: Learning technologist at company who did this for one year

answered Feb 21 '14 at 16:13
Daniel Stern
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