What essential things should be on a press page?


We've had a few good unsolicited articles written about us over the past few weeks which have driven quite a lot of traffic our way.

We have noticed that many of them don't use great screenshots, or miss out on some key points of the application so have realised that we probably need a press page to address this.

What do people think are the essential things to include? So far I'm thinking:

  • Logos of various sizes / backgrounds
  • Screenshots of the application
  • Blurb about the app, key selling points
  • List of recent articles / commentary about the app

Also, does anyone have examples of really good press pages?

Marketing Press Kit

asked Feb 5 '10 at 01:47
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Some more:

  • Company history
  • Founder history & high-res headshots
  • Award list
  • Clear "contact us" info with as many channels as possible

I wouldn't post recent articles on the press page. The press wants to make their own articles and "break news," not repeat news that others have beat to death, so it might work against you. The "testimonials" for the product is definitely a win.

answered Feb 5 '10 at 02:43
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In addition to Jason's list, I would have:

  • A high-res image Gallery
  • A short company bio (like 150 words or less) that can be at the end of an article.
  • Product slicks that can be downloaded or viewed as a page.

Check out Kiva for a well done press kit.

answered Feb 5 '10 at 04:28
Jarie Bolander
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