How should a press release be written?


I uploaded my brand new physics 2D game to the playstore a few days ago, and have had a substantial amount of downloads per day so far. I think it has great potential and people like that kind of game.

As of now, I have tried the following marketing techniques:

  • Posted my game on specialized Android forums asking for feedback. (It's free to do so, people are honest and give constructive criticism + it increases my SEO.)
  • Uploaded my game on parallel markets: AndroidPit and Amazon (under
  • Contacted 40 specialized review websites. (Surprisingly, none of them reviewed my game, but 3 other websites did really nice reviews. This must have been due to word of mouth.)

Unfortunately, at the moment, I have no visibility in the playstore. I can't be found in the top grossing or top new category.

I have written a press release (In French and English), which is ready to be sent to the press. The question is, who should it be written on behalf of? Me, or an anonymous third person?

Marketing Press Release Android

asked Jan 8 '13 at 23:18
Florent Valdelievre
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From Press Release Submission Guidelines :

Press releases should not be written in a first person language (I,
we, you)

Similar formatting guidelines can be found here. There are a large number of PR writing services online, consider them or read a book - "web marketing for dummies " also covers press releases.
answered Jan 14 '13 at 03:33
Jim Galley
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Marketing Press Release Android