Examples of failed products/startups?


I would like to hear the stories of startups that created a software product of any category that didn't take off for the simple reason that no one wanted it. One of the examples could be Microsoft Bob. Can you please share a similar story?


asked Mar 6 '10 at 06:24
Alex Radzie
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  • Alex - not sure why you got down-voted but it would be helpful for you to say your reasons for asking. Otherwise it sounds a bit voyeuristic... – Steve Wilkinson 14 years ago
  • There is no shortage of success stories on the internet. I just want to stay realistic and see the flip side. – Alex Radzie 14 years ago

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Check TC's Deadpool section

answered Mar 6 '10 at 06:58
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Be Inc, that created Be OS. I used to work for a company with ex-Be CEO

answered Mar 10 '10 at 16:02
Output Logic
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Apple is a great candidate for answering this question because so many people think of Apple as the 'can't miss' company that always wins. Not true!

Here's a great article on Top 10 Apple Products that flopped.

answered Mar 11 '10 at 03:23
Keith De Long
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