How to expand our business? (IT services company)


I know this is a FAQ, but I want to do it more specific. We are a consulting company from Argentina. We do deployment, coding and automation of infrastructure based on Linux and Open Source softwware. We are trying to expand our business to the US and Europe (US in the first stage).

The question is, what are the best places to start to do networking to reach those potential customers. I'm talking about sites, forums, events, etc.

The common answer to this kind of questions is: invest in ads, go to events, etc. But I would like to gather more specific information, like those mentioned in the previous paragraph.

For example, we are trying to provide our services to US startups. We know that Boston and Silicon Valley are the places to visit. But is there a specific recomendation when we go there? There are good sites like, where you can discover meetings/events... anything else?

Small, medium and big established companies are another target too. We are not looking for any specific industry.

I think this question is useful for others too.

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asked Oct 29 '13 at 21:52
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  • to receive more specific answer, you should be more specific in your question: so who are your clients and what is your product/service? "*Consulting company that does deployment, coding and automation of infrastructure*" is quite generic... **Have you a product? Is it custom coding? What your clients are?** Only startups or also SMEs? Corporates? And what about the industry? Pharmacy? Retail? Eshops?... All of these parameters will heavily influence the potential answer you will get here... – Data Smarter 8 years ago
  • Good point. I'll improve the description. – Diegows 8 years ago

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